Global Ambassador Programme

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Calling Global Ambassadors:
Our ambitions stretch beyond just creating a successful business. We believe it to be equally important to act responsibly & contribute to a better world, hence we have made a commitment to reshaping the world & supporting the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) Agenda.

Our Global Ambassador Programme has been designed to bring together people
that are doing good & can be a catalyst to others.

These are people with an inherent Doing Good mindset that cuts across nations,
business & organisations.

And this goes beyond a will to do good into a movement of Doing Good People
who act as Role Models & Activists activating SDGs in their lives, business & motivating others.

Meet our Ambassadors

Athalos Global Ambassadors are people who act we’ve chosen because they act as Role Models & Activists activating the SDGs

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Become a Global Ambassador. FAQs & info on how to apply

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We now see ourselves as a Goalkeeper of the UN’s SDGS & Athalos is fully committed to both implementing UN Sustainable Development Goals and keen to build that with our own Stakeholders & communities.

For Athalos in the course of Company’s Business operations and special initiatives, we’re now more than ever driven by purpose & this is embedded throughout the company & with our stakeholders.

What’s the link to the UN’s SDGs ?

We’re simply responding to the different challenges for children, women, the excluded and those who have no access globally.

Aligning ourselves with the UNGC & the SDGs and in developing the Ambassadors Programme also paves the way forward for collaborative efforts, to engage with a broad range of stakeholders, including governments, civil society organizations, the private sector, international organizations, and individuals and in this regard.

As role models we have the power not just to bring people together, but to engage and empower. So working at multiple levels just makes sense. We are confident that this is only the first of a series of innovative partnerships for the SDGs.

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